2020 Global has vast experience in a range of projects that distinguish the organisation as a sophisticated and complete boutique business management consultancy.

  • Internal Audit - Dept of Aboriginal Affairs
    analysis / solutions / government / support

    2020 Global has provided comprehensive internal audit services to Department of Aboriginal Affairs continuously since 2003 under numerous contracts. Our services have extended to the Department’s offices throughout Western Australia, from Albany to Kalgoorlie, Kununurra, Geraldton and the Perth head office and metropolitan locations. Throughout the years, we have undertaken risk assessments, developed strategic and annual audit plans and fulfilled internal audit engagements across the organisation.

    Numerous special projects have also been undertaken to address compliance and independent review needs as they arose. Our work has provided our consultants with a sound understanding of contemporary issues associated with indigenous services and people.

    Internal Audit - Dept of Aboriginal Affairs
  • MYOB Support - Allmark

    2020 Global’s directors established a business relationship with Allmark in the late 1990s. 

    Most recently, 2020 Global provides MYOB support to the company in terms of software efficiency, year-end rollover and general advice.

    MYOB Support - Allmark
  • Costing & Evaluation - Dept of Attorney General
    analysis / solutions / government / support

    2020 Global was engaged to determine the full cost to the State of providing the Family Violence Court service and associated intervention programmes and to conduct a cost benefit analysis of the program in relation to recidivism (relapsing into crime). 

    This project presented unique challenges including distinguishing the true cost of the Family Violence Court which is a component of the Perth Magistrates Court. 

    A first for Australia, 2020 Global developed a process and formula to cost the programme as part of a full evaluation by the State to deliver the specialised services of the Family Violence Court and intervention programmes.

    Costing & Evaluation - Dept of Attorney General
  • Tax and Accounting - Archean Consulting
    solutions / support

    This private geological services enterprise has been provided services since 2008, with the directors having a relationship with 2020 Global since 2005. 

    Services provided include corporate governance advice, establishment of tax effective structures and ongoing accounting and taxation advice and return preparation.

    Tax and Accounting - Archean Consulting
  • Bookkeeping

    We are sure that what you do, you do well.  And so do we!  Maintaining your financial and taxation records can be an unnecessary hindrance to your daily schedule, yet it is so important  to keep your records up-to-date. 

    We are familiar with major accounting / bookkeeping software and can use your data files or set you up on our own system,  We can attend to all of your bookkeeping needs, including tax / BAS, GST, monthly management accounts / reports , payroll – the works!  We can even provide you with valuable business advice.

  • External Audit - Bold Park Community School

    Our association with the School dates back to 2005. Over the years we have provided general bookkeeping support, including review of the School’s MYOB file and its integration with fees management software. 

    We have also provided advice in relation to annual accounts preparation and general financial governance.  External audit services are currently provided to the School and one of its associated enterprises.

    External Audit - Bold Park Community School
  • Internal Audit - Burswood Casino

    Certainly a risky environment, our internal audit activity at the Burswood Casino saw us explore the business management reporting and underlying accountancy. 

    The work covered all major business units within the casino’s operations and assessed a number of quantitative attributes associated with the function, including the integrity of the reports, efficiency of their preparation, relevance to management and depth of analysis.

    Internal Audit - Burswood Casino
  • External Audit - Carers WA

    2020 Global has provided external audit and grant acquittal reviews to Carers WA since 2010.

    External Audit - Carers WA
  • Bookkeeping - Castledine Legal

    MYOB bookkeeping support and on-site training services have been provided, particularly in relation to software upgrades, year-end payroll reconciliations and payment summary generation, financial roll-overs, disbursement recording and general accounting support.

    Bookkeeping - Castledine Legal
  • Probity Audit - Dept of Corrective Services
    solutions / government

    2020 Global acted in the capacity of Probity Adviser for Department of Corrective Services in relation to the tender for the operation and maintenance of the Young Adults Facility. The scope of works included:

    • Review of the Procurement Plan and Request document.
    • Review of tender evaluation methodology.
    • Attendance at briefing sessions and site inspections.
    • Attendance at tender evaluation meetings.
    • Review of the evaluation report.

    Probity objectives include forming an opinion on whether the tender evaluation process adopted:

    • produced a fair and equitable outcome in relation to all tender respondents; and
    • met all relevant government procurement requirements.
    Probity Audit - Dept of Corrective Services
  • Governance Solutions - CoVESA

    CoVESA is a coalition of emergency services volunteer organisations.  2020 Global is assisting with the establishment of a new corporate entity to effectively manage a strategic service associated with the participant organisations.  Our work involves arrangement of the Constitution, incorporation of the entity and establishment of governance guidelines and administrative processes.

    Governance Solutions - CoVESA
  • Operational Assessment - Curriculum Council
    analysis / government

    2020 Global was engaged to undertake a comprehensive audit of the WACE examination process, including recruitment of examiners, examination paper setting, exam invigilation, paper collection and marking, resulting and issue of results.

    In an environment which seeks a zero error rate in its processes, our work involved detailed review of all steps in the examination process and encompassed interviews, surveys, sample testing, on-site process reviews and consultation with personnel involved in all stages of the exams. Comprehensive reporting was provided to management throughout the audit (at key stages of the examination process) and at the audit’s conclusion.

    Operational Assessment - Curriculum Council
  • Due Diligence - Economic Regulatory Authority
    analysis / government / support

    Since 2004, 2020 Global has provided financial due diligence assessments on behalf of Economic Regulation Authority in relation to applications received for water, gas or electricity licencing. Our activities include undertaking assessments of applicants’ historical and forecast financial information to form an opinion on whether or not the applicant has the financial capacity and capability to fulfil the requirements under the licence being sought. 

    Projects assessed are typically high in value and span up to 30 years or more, and involve assessment of capital raising, capital and recurrent expenditure and supply revenue.

    Due Diligence - Economic Regulatory Authority
  • Bookkeeping - Dalkeith Tennis Club

    The Dalkeith Tennis Club maintains its financial records using MYOB.  2020 Global assisted the Club improve its efficiency by shifting to a Cloud software environment and issue its annual subscriptions by email wherever possible. 

    The chart of accounts has also been revised to allow improved management reporting of various income sources and their associated expenses.

    Bookkeeping - Dalkeith Tennis Club
  • Program Evaluation - Dept of Education
    analysis / government

    Following a trial period of introducing iPads to a number of primary schools throughout WA, 2020 Global conducted a full evaluation of the success of the program.

    This included consultation and research involving schools, teachers, students and parents and included the development of appropriate consultation and evaluation tools, as reported in The West Australian on Saturday 28 September 2013 – http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/19152939/ipad-project-passes-classroom-test/ 

    We also have experience in providing the Department with internal audit, probity audit and financial due diligence services.


    Program Evaluation - Dept of Education
  • External Audit

    As professional members of CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, the directors of 2020 Global and a number of the senior staff are well experienced in the supply of external audit services across a range of entity types, including state and local government, private sector and not-for-profit entities. 

    External Audit
  • Financial Acquittals
    analysis / government

    We provide financial acquittal services to a number of government agencies, including WA Police, Department of Water, Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, several State Training Providers (TAFEs) and others. 

    2020 Global has also provided training services to government agencies in relation to grant management.

    Financial Acquittals
  • Probity - Forest Products Commission
    solutions / government

    Over recent years 2020 Global has provided probity audit services to Forest Products Commission for tenders involving the:

    • harvesting and cartage of sandalwood;
    • pine harvesting and haulage;
    • native hardwood logs;and
    • native forest harvesting and haulage.

    The terms of engagement typically encompassed monitoring:

    • The application of all relevant Government, Procurement and State Supply Commission policies.
    • Maintenance of high ethical standards.
    • Due process in the evaluation of tenders, including the reaching of fair and equitable outcomes.
    Probity - Forest Products Commission
  • Fraud Reviews

    With Jon Petelczyc holding qualifications as a Certified Fraud Examiner and 2020 Global’s senior team having experience in providing fraud and ethical reviews across a number of private sector and government organisations, we are well equipped to provide investigation services.

    Fraud Reviews
  • Fringe Benefits Tax
    solutions / government / support

    Fringe Benefits Tax reviews and returns have been completed for a number of private sector enterprises and government agencies.

    As Registered Tax Agents, the 2020 Global team are well equipped and qualified to provide the necessary advice to minimise FBT liabilities and comply with the legislation. New FBT returns and amendments to previously lodged returns can be attended to as your Registered Tax Agent. 

    Managing Director, Jon Petelczyc also has holds a professional credential as a Chartered Taxation Advisor.

    Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Strategic Planning - Gravity Discovery Centre
    analysis / solutions

    Following a complete assessment of the operations of the Gravity Discovery Centre,  2020 Global was engaged by the Board of Management to facilitate a comprehensive strategic planning process that culminated in a three year plan to address the business’ financial sustainability.

    Strategic Planning - Gravity Discovery Centre
  • Compliance Audit - Dept of Health
    analysis / government

    For over a decade, 2020 Global has assisted the Department of Health in its management of the Peel and Joondalup Health Campuses. 

    With a compliance focus, we assess various aspects of the operator’s observance of contractual requirements, including service delivery, KPIs, staffing, invoicing and general contract compliance.  On occasion, we have employed specialist, medical and pharmaceutical support to carry out our audit activity.

    We have also undertaken a number of other audits on behalf of the Department under a co-sourced arrangement.  Historically, the directors of 2020 Global have also provided fully outsourced internal audit services to WA country health services.

    Compliance Audit - Dept of Health
  • Probity Audit - Dept of Health
    solutions / government

    For a number of years, 2020 Global has provided probity audit services to Department of Health.  In each case the scope of our engagement included ensuring that due process was followed in an equitable manner, with all phases of the procurement process being monitored for compliance with government requirements.

    Tenders for which our services have been provided include:

    • electricity supply;
    • gas supply;
    • fire management services;
    • PABX;
    • End User computing; and
    • breast screening.
    Probity Audit - Dept of Health
  • Financial Assessment - Dept of Housing
    analysis / government

    For almost 10 years, we have provided financial due diligence services to the Department of Housing in relation to community and public housing developments undertaken by the Department.  The assessments are typically of the project developers and builders, but are also of not-for-profit organisations who may manage social housing property.

    We have also undertaken a number of benchmarking and costing reviews of various departmental business units and funded service providers on behalf of the Department.

    Financial Assessment - Dept of Housing
  • Internal Audit - Kings and Bold Parks
    analysis / solutions / government / support

    Since 2006, comprehensive internal audit and management advisory services have been supplied to the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (Kings and Bold Parks).  Our services have examined all core and commercial activities in addition to fee-for-service projects. 

    Consulting services have also been supplied in relation to asset management, policy advice and accounting standards.

    Internal Audit - Kings and Bold Parks
  • External Audit - Kwinana Industries Council

    2020 Global has provided services to KIC for nearly 10 years, initially providing
    bookkeeping services and financial mentoring. 

    Over subsequent years we assisted with the preparation of annual financial statements.  Over the most recent years, our services involve the annual external audit of KIC’s financial statements and preparation and lodgement of tax returns.

    External Audit - Kwinana Industries Council
  • Internal Audit - Local Government

    Internal audit services have been provided to Wanneroo, Joondalup and the South Metropolitan Regional councils; external audit services have been provided to Town of Port Hedland (in relation to a funded service); and Jon Petelczyc is a community representative on Town of Cambridge’s audit committee. 

    Our involvement across the sector has provided significant insight into local government operations, regulations and controls.

    Internal Audit - Local Government
  • Financial Assessment - Main Roads WA
    analysis / solutions / government

    Our services to Main Roads WA since 2009 have included ongoing financial assessment of actual and potential suppliers in line with the agency’s policy and prudence due diligence parameters. 

    We have also assisted in establishing a set of evaluation criteria that were adopted for national prequalification assessments. 

    For a number of projects, we have also undertaken pricing and costing evaluations of tender respondents.

    Financial Assessment - Main Roads WA
  • Accounting Policy - WA Meat Industry Authority
    government / support

    The Western Australian Meat Industry Authority engaged 2020 Global to review and update the Authority’s Accounting Policy and Procedures Manual, ensuring that it reflects current operations and meets government regulatory requirements. Similar work has also been undertaken for other government agencies. 

    In addition to accounting policies, we have prepared other policy documents including operational  policies, risk registers, committee terms of reference and taxation treatment (BAS, GST, salary sacrifice) documents.

    Accounting Policy - WA Meat Industry Authority
  • Costing Model - Metro Cemetery Board
    solutions / government

    Our work for the Metropolitan Cemetery Board presented a challenge that had not previously been met in any other cemetery across Australia – the preparation of a comprehensive costing model that accommodated the various sources provided by a full-service cemetery, including  burials, cremations, memorials and mausoleum. 

    The model allowed for allocation of costs to each service and the development of the true cost of each service.

    Costing Model - Metro Cemetery Board
  • Business Support - Muffin Break
    analysis / solutions / support

    2020 Global provides support to a range of small to medium sized businesses in the areas of company structure, accounting, taxation, finance, due diligence and good governance. We are experienced with franchise operations, including clients spread across four Muffin Break franchises. We are registered ASIC agents, able to look after all of your company compliance matters, in addition to being Registered Tax Agents.

    With consultants holding professional qualifications in the accounting (CPA and CA), taxation (CTA), audit (CIA) and fraud (CFE) areas, we are able to assist with all business needs. Many on our team also have years of experience in banking and finance and can provide good advice in relation to your financing options.

    Business Support - Muffin Break
  • MYOB Certified Consultant
    solutions / government / support

    2020 Global offers comprehensive MYOB support in the areas of:

    • MYOB Software Sales
    • MYOB Software Installation
    • MYOB Implementation (including migration from existing systems)
    • MYOB Customisations
    • MYOB Training
    • MYOB Telephone Support
    • MYOB Support In Your Office Available

    Specialising in small business and not for profit organisations, we provide a full range of accounting, bookkeeping and taxation advice.  As a MYOB Certified Consultant, Jon and other consultants at 2020 Global can provide full support for all of your MYOB needs.

    Assistance can also be provided to establish practical desk top procedures for MYOB processing. 2020 Global offers cost effective solutions – at times that suit you. After hours (including weekend) support is available.  Ph:  Jon on 041 999 3218

    MYOB Certified Consultant
  • Internal Audit Services - Parliament of WA
    analysis / government / support

    2020 Global has provided comprehensive internal audit services to the Western Australian Parliament, comprising the Legislative Council, Legislative Assembly and Parliamentary Services Department, for over four years. Initially undertaking a risk assessment as part of a strategic planning process, subsequent activity included internal audit of identified risk areas.

    We also provided outsourced finance management services for a number of months while the Finance Manager position was vacant.  In addition, annual external audit services of the Parliamentary Services Refreshment Room have also been undertaken.

    Internal Audit Services - Parliament of WA
  • Tax and Accounting - Peel Fencing
    analysis / solutions / support

    The directors of Peel Fencing have obtained accounting, taxation, MYOB and general business advice from 2020 Global for nearly ten years.

    Initially owning a café franchise, they sought due diligence advice in relation to possible new businesses, settling on the Peel Fencing business after positive outcomes were assessed. Services are provided to the directors family companies and trust, in addition to their personal interests.

    Tax and Accounting - Peel Fencing
  • Accounting and Tax - Photography by Sarre
    solutions / support

    Photography by Sarre has been receiving accounting and taxation support since 2005, encompassing advice in relation to group companies, trust and personal matters.

    Accounting and Tax - Photography by Sarre
  • Probity Audit - Public Transport Authority
    solutions / government

    2020 Global has supplied Public Transport Authority with probity audit services for a number of contracts, including for railcar maintenance, rail bridge work, station upgrades, video surveillance and commuter publications.

    In each case, we have been involved from tender release to the finalisation of the evaluation reports, ensuring that the probity of the process has been maintained.

    Probity Audit - Public Transport Authority
  • Probity Audit - Public Transport Authority
    solutions / government

    2020 Global has undertaken a number of probity audit roles for the Public Transport Authority, including for several bus station developments, bus service contracts and security/ surveillance services. 

    In each case, our role has been to provide independent assurance that:

    • The evaluation panel applied all relevant Government, Supply and Authority policies and ethical standards in the evaluation process;
    • the evaluation process was free from the influences of interested parties;
    • the documented audit trail meets the required standard;
    • the evaluation was conducted fairly and equitably;
    • each panel member maintained confidentiality during the entire evaluation; and
    • due process was followed in the evaluation.
    Probity Audit - Public Transport Authority
  • Risk Assessment & Management
    analysis / solutions / government / support

    Jon Petelczyc and Bruce Donald were early pioneers of business risk management assisting implement risk management programmes into Department of Health, country hospitals, State Training Providers, Office of Energy and numerous private sector organisations since the late 1990s. 

    More recently, 2020 Global provides risk management consulting services as part of its broader business continuity management consulting service.  Jon’s expertise in the area is recognised through his qualifications as a Certified Risk Management Advisor.

    Risk Assessment & Management
  • Bookkeeping - St Lawrence Church

    The Church has been provided bookkeeping and MYOB support over a number of years, particularly in relation to chart of accounts maintenance and year-end accounting and roll-over activities.

    Bookkeeping - St Lawrence Church
  • Compliance Audit - State Fleet CUA
    analysis / government

    We know CUAs!  For a number of years we have assisted the Department of Finance undertake annual audits of a number of CUA suppliers.  These audits assess the level of compliance with the CUA contracts and reporting to the Department. 

    We were recently engaged by State Fleet to review its suppliers of vehicle and disposal services, including compliance with and operational efficiency and effectiveness of the contracts.

    Compliance Audit - State Fleet CUA
  • Financial Statements - State Heritage Office

    Since 2010, 2020 Global has provided assistance to State Heritage Office in the preparation of their annual financial statements. Initially providing a full service, the Excel model developed by 2020 Global to facilitate preparation of the financial statements is now held by the Office and a review and support function is provided to the Office’s personnel who complete the model and prepare the statements.

    Many other government agencies have benefitted from our financial statement preparation support, including several State Training Providers, Department of Sport and Recreation and Office of the Information Commissioner.

    Financial Statements - State Heritage Office
  • Financial Statements - Swan River Trust
    government / support

    Services supplied to Swan River Trust include the provision of accounting support, preparation of financial statements, review of KPIs and advice in relation to its accounting systems.

    We also undertook an assessment of a programme funded by the Trust, to evaluate the internal record-keeping control environment and verification of grants expenditure.

    Financial Statements - Swan River Trust
  • Taxation
    solutions / government / support

    2020 Global is a registered tax agent in its own right, in addition to the directors’ personal registrations. 

    As registered tax agents, we are able to provide taxation advice, prepare tax returns and seek private rulings on our clients’ behalf.

  • Training and Development
    government / support

    A number of our senior consultants have experience as tutors / lecturers, teachers and presenters at a number of universities, professional and occupational seminars and workshops.  Services have been provided through the University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, CPA Australia, Department of Finance and various private sector organisations. 

    Our team is experienced in developing tailored participant courses based on sound instructional design, including the preparation of learning materials such as manuals and worksheets with exercises, and delivering training sessions throughout the State.

    Training and Development
  • Costing and Pricing - Dept of Transport
    solutions / government

    Costing and pricing evaluation models were developed in relation to the production of number plates for Department of Transport. Modelling involved consideration of various plate types (standard or custom varieties) and materials, including repricing mechanisms during the life of the proposed contract. 

    In addition, 2020 Global has undertaken evaluation of subsidised air services within Western Australia; this involved preparing a model that considered a number of variables such as aircraft type, passenger numbers and seasonal influence.

    Costing and Pricing - Dept of Transport
  • Internal Audit - VenuesWest
    analysis / government

    Since 2009, 2020 Global has provided VenuesWest with comprehensive internal audit services. Services provided include strategic and annual audit planning, and operational compliance, information technology and probity audit services. 

    VenuesWest is one of over 25 government agencies to which we supply audit services under CUA 23706.

    Internal Audit - VenuesWest
  • Financial Acquittals - Dept of Water
    government / support

    A number of financial acquittals have been undertaken for Department of Water in relation to funding received for various programmes over recent years.   Acquittals have also been prepared for other funding recipients within government and the not-for-profit sectors. 

    Advice has also been provided during training sessions to the not-for-profit sector on how best to manage their funding to be able to provide necessary reporting.

    Financial Acquittals - Dept of Water
  • External Audit - Westpac WA Social Club
    analysis / support

    Annual external audit services have been supplied to the Westpac WA Social Cub for the last 10 years.

    Services have also extended to providing MYOB support services, in addition to preparing and lodging the Club’s annual income tax return. 

    2020 Global also has experience in providing external audit services to a range of other not-for-profit entities and community organisations.

    External Audit - Westpac WA Social Club
  • Internal Audit - Yamatji Aboriginal Corp.
    analysis / solutions

    A number of internal audit and other assurance services have been supplied to Yamatji Marlpa Barna Baba Maaja Aboriginal Corporation.  Services were supplied though the organisation’s Perth office. In addition, we have supplied advice in relation to fringe benefits taxation and the creation of a special purpose subsidiary business entity. 

    Both of these activities involved presenting the reviews’ outcomes and recommendations to the governing body.

    Internal Audit - Yamatji Aboriginal Corp.
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