Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority*

Comprehensive internal audit services, including strategic and annual audit planning, have been provided to the Authority for over nine years, with the Authority having exercised several options to extend our service. 

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development*

Commencing at the former Department of Agriculture in 2017, we have been contracted under a co-sourced model to perform a series of audits including programme reviews, procurement and fleet management audits. These audits continued into 2019.

Former Department of Regional Development*

Under pre-Machinery of Government contract from 2014, 2020 Global provided comprehensive internal audit services to the department including development of strategic audit plans and execution of a number of internal audits such as the procurement, risk management, OS&H, records management and recruitment processes.

Ombudsman of WA*

We were appointed in 2019 to review and develop a three-year Strategic Internal Audit Plan for the Office and undertake their Financial Management and Forensic Procurement Audits in 2021. We prepared the Office’s Strategic Internal Audit Plan for 2021 to 2024.

We have undertaken audits of financial compliance and complaints management practices.

National Trust Western Australia*

We were appointed in 2021 to review and develop a three-year Strategic Internal Audit Plan for the Office and undertake their 2021 and 2022 Internal Audit programs.

Tourism WA*

Since 2012 we have provided a number internal audit services to the Agency.

Corruption and Crime Commission*

Full comprehensive audit services were provided to the Commission for including the completion of compliance, performance and IT Controls audits.

Office of the Auditor General*

In 2009 we were appointed by the Office to supply the Office with comprehensive internal audit services. The initial three-year term was extended by two, one-year options exercised by the Office and concluded in 2014.