Innovative solutions.


2020 Global is a Western Australian based consulting practice which specialises in the delivery of audit and financial services to Western Australian State Government agencies, with one of our primary delivery areas being outsourced internal audit services.

2020 Global has vast experience in a range of projects that distinguish the organisation as a sophisticated and complete boutique business management consultancy.

We have gained the confidence of a large number of State Government agencies in the areas of probity audit, governance, risk management, financial systems review, compliance audit and all aspects of government financial controls and management.



Organisational decision making is based on good information. Good information requires accurate analysis of facts.



The team at 2020 Global has the knowledge and experience to help you decide how best to address organisational issues, setting a course of action to increase your effectiveness in achieving your business objectives.



Perhaps you don’t have the skills or the resources to implement outcomes from analysis and business solutions in a timely manner.



2020 Global is pleased to be one of the approved suppliers of Audit Services, Financial Advice and Financial Assessment Services under the WA Government’s Common Use Arrangement (CUAAFA2018). We have been included on the panel since its inception in 2008.