Costing and Pricing of Services

When the Department of Finance issued its initial Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy in 2018, it identified and a need to increase the awareness and knowledge of service providers who previously received grant funding that were now being asked to tender competitively for funding. Many of these providers were not-for-profit organisations that had never experienced a competitive tender process and were now being asked to provide pricing for the services the Government Agencies were seeking to purchase. The provision of training was seen as a means to build knowledge and capacity to the providers to ensure realistic and sustainable pricing was provided to Government.

We were requested by the Department of Finance to develop training workshops and associated training materials, examples and manuals and to deliver this training either face to face or virtually.

The training comprises a 3 hour workshop providing an overview of what to consider when developing an offer price to tenders. The workshop considers governance principles, understanding financial statements, pricing for financial sustainability and costing of services.

Key learning opportunities include:

  • How to identify if you require business policy and process changes in your organisation
  • Supplying financial governance principles to your own organisation and identifying areas for improvement
  • Understand the importance of good record keeping and financial reporting
  • How to consider your organisation‚Äôs sustainability with regards to pricing