Department of the Attorney General

For the last four years we have provided procurement and financial evaluation services to the Department in relation to several major contracts.  Initially providing costing model services, we subsequently undertook due diligence work on shortlisted proponents. 

Department of Health and Metropolitan Health Services

A large number of compliance and performance (operational) internal audit service contracts have been fulfilled spanning over 19 years, with the director also supplying services to the Department prior to establishing 2020 Global. 

Department of Finance

Numerous internal audit service contracts have been completed for the Department over the last 12 years, including reviews of a number of CUA suppliers to ensure that they were complying with their contracts.

Economic Regulation Authority*

Appointed in 2016 and prepared Strategic Internal Audit plan.

Executed internal audit program and other compliance reviews for four years

Ombudsman of WA*

We were appointed in 2019 to review and develop a three-year Strategic Internal Audit Plan for the Office and undertake their Financial Management and Forensic Procurement Audits in 2021. We prepared the Office’s Strategic Internal Audit Plan for 2021 to 2024.

We have undertaken audits of financial compliance and complaints management practices.

Tourism WA*

Since 2012 we have provided a number internal audit services to the Agency.

Corruption and Crime Commission*

Full comprehensive audit services were provided to the Commission for including the completion of compliance, performance and IT Controls audits.