Comprehensive compliance and performance (operational) internal audit services, including strategic and annual audit planning, provided to VenuesWest for eight years, concluding in 2018. We attended the Trust’s audit committee as part of the audit reporting.

All Five TAFES*

Comprehensive internal audit services, including strategic and annual audit planning, have been provided to all five (three Regional and two metropolitan TAFES.  2020 has provided comprehensive risk based internal auditing services to the current and legacy organisations since 2001.

Regional Development Commissions*

We have provided internal audit services to both the Pilbara and Kimberley Development Commissions 2016 to 2019. Under the new TI requirements for auditor rotation, we completed our contract in 2019.

We have just commenced in 2022 with the Goldfields Esperance Development Commission in the provision of internal audit services.

Parliament of Western Australia*

For a period of three months, we fulfilled the role of finance manager and prepared the Parliament’s 2008/9 annual financial statements; we also completed the 2012/13 financial statements.

Main Roads WA*

Appointed to provide internal audit services to compliment MRWA Internal Audit resources. Working under a co-sourced arrangement we have been tasked to provide compliance and performance based internal audit services of the Innovation and Research Programme.

Forest Products Commission*

We have provided probity audit services for several individual Requests and undertaken internal audit activities for the Commission. This includes an IT General Controls Audit as well as performance-based audits.

Former Office of the Environmental Protection Authority*

In 2013 we were appointed to provide the Office with comprehensive internal audit services for a period of two years. We assisted the Office to determine an appropriate audit plan following the transfer of its financial and HR services to its own management from a previously outsourced (agency) arrangement.

Former Department of Aboriginal Affairs*

For 13 years 2020 Global supplied comprehensive internal audit services to the Department under three separate contracts, with the most recent contract having been executed in 2013.

Equal Opportunity Commission*

Provided Internal Audit Services to the Commission in 2020, and we developed its Strategic Internal Audit Plan for the next 5 years.

Economic Regulation Authority*

Appointed in 2016 and prepared Strategic Internal Audit plan.

Executed internal audit program and other compliance reviews for four years