Kwinana Industries Council Incorporated

KIC is a not-for-profit incorporated business association with its membership drawn from the major industries and businesses in the Kwinana Industrial Area.

KIC’s primary goals are:

  • promoting a positive image of Kwinana industries; 
  • facilitating community access to Kwinana industries;
  • promoting high standards of business ethics and practices;
  • promoting and advancing the common interests of Kwinana industries;
  • liaising with stakeholders in relation to the environment, public health, safety and industrial development, either as an association or on behalf of its members, to ensure cost efficiency and protection of Members’ interests;
  • detecting, determining and collating data relating to environmental emissions as a result of industry activity.

Our services are the provision of external audit services to fulfill KIC’s financial reporting responsibilities to its members under the Association’s constitution and WA legislative requirements.  Additional services we have provided to the Association includes assistance with financial statement preparation, accounting policy advice and  taxation services.